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Junior Land Management Officers Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Pilliga NSW

Designation: Junior Land Management Officers – Pilliga

Reporting toPilliga Operations Manager

Supervising: From time-to-time AWC staff, volunteers and a range of contractors who

may assist in the execution of the duties listed below.

Based at: Narrabri – Pilliga State Conservation Area and National Park

Construction of accommodation will be undertaken on the Pilliga site.

Until such time this is completed, the JLMO will utilise the Narrabri office

as a base and travel to site.

Organisational context:

The Junior Land Management Officer’s (JLMO) – Pilliga will support the Pilliga Land Management Team with the

delivery of land management activities across the Pilliga NP & SCA. The JLMO may also be required to assist at

other Sanctuaries and NP’s from time to time, particularly Mallee Cliffs NP and Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. Pilliga

and Mallee Cliffs NP’s are part of a historic partnership between AWC and the NSW National Parks to implement

a program to reintroduce threatened and /or regionally extinct species through the construction of large feral

proof fenced areas.

These properties span a vast array of habitats, terrain and geography. Each NP has its own unique requirements

for the management of fire, weeds and feral animal control, asset and infrastructure development, and the

restoration of ecosystems and the management of visitors.

You will work alongside other land management and science staff (Land Management Officers,

Operations/Sanctuary Managers, Field Ecologists and Wildlife Ecologists), and also engage volunteers for a

range of projects.

The two staff streams (operations and science) work together in an integrated manner to design, implement

and measure the effectiveness of land management strategies. The Land Management Officer will report to

and support the Pilliga Operations Manager with conservation and operational programs.

Critical Competencies:

1. Ability to work under close supervision, take directions, work within set guidelines and as part of a team.

a. Note: On occasions, an ability to work independently without supervision may be required.

2. Basic/intermediate technological skill, eg. computer skills including Word, Excel and email.

3. An understanding of and interest in Australian ecology and conservation issues.

4. Ability to develop practical skills in relation to asset and infrastructure repair and maintenance including

skills relevant to:

a. Implementation of the approved asset and infrastructure maintenance program (building,

fencing, road maintenance and repair, etc.).

b. A desire to use a wide range of plant and equipment including carrying out routine mechanical

repairs to:

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i. 4WD’s, side-by-side ATV, grader, loader, tractors etc.

ii. Generators, pumps etc.

iii. Power tools including chainsaws, welders etc.

c. General infrastructure projects including construction, fencing and building.

5. Ability to gain and develop skill set of practical land management programs including:

a. Fire management

b. Weed control programs

c. Feral animal control programs


1. Nil required – practical experience in delivering ‘on-ground’ results is more important than formal

Licenses & Certificates:

1. A valid manual driver’s licence with 4WD experience in difficult conditions is essential.

2. Current first aid qualifications.

3. National police clearance certificate.

Inherent requirements of the role:

The execution of tasks associated with this role will involve extensive fieldwork in remote locations often away

from an established field base, where you should expect to spend time camping in very remote locations in

order to enable the efficient delivery of programs. The working environment is outdoors and often in the

extremes of weather. The position will be physically demanding when undertaking field/operational tasks and

will require muscular activity including lifting and carrying, pushing and pulling loads, bending, climbing, and

driving a variety of vehicles. The successful applicant must be physically capable of performing these activities

in remote locations in order to carry out the inherent role responsibilities.

Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Pilliga Land Management Team undertake the following activities.

The majority of these activities will be undertaken in collaboration with other staff.

1. Maintain assets and infrastructure

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • Ensure the approved inventory of assets and infrastructure is maintained.
  • Undertake maintenance of assets and infrastructure per the approved maintenance schedule, to:
  • Buildings and associated services such as waste management
  • Roads, fences, fire-breaks etc
  • Fence removal
  • Ground maintenance

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  • Record all maintenance activity per approved AWC procedures, including recording the use and

replacement of assets such as fuel, equipment and maintenance supplies.

2. Land management & research activities

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • In accordance with the approved operational plan, implement key land management and conservation

programs including:

  • Weed control
  • Undertake AQF 3 training
  • Assist in the delivery of weed control work plans
  • Ensure chemical stock levels are maintained
  • Ensure the storage and use of hazardous materials and equipment is consistent with

accepted safety standards.

  • Feral animal control
  • Undertake 1080 Training
  • Implement approved control programs per approved AWC procedures
  • Carry out regular surveys of feral animal numbers and types; and
  • Keep detailed records, per approved AWC procedure.
  • Fire management
  • Undertake training with site staff to ensure you are competent in the use of fire-fighting

equipment; and

  • When directed, undertake controlled burning per the approved plans, including fire scar

data collection and assisting with wildfires.

  • Other land management duties as required
  • As directed, assist in the implementation of strategies and work plans related to the

research and monitoring programs, for example:

  • The establishment and maintenance of research and monitoring sites across the

NP; and

  • Participating in and providing support to scientific staff in relation to conducting

baseline biodiversity surveys.

  • Assist in reporting on the effectiveness of AWC’s land management strategies in abating

relevant threats and protecting wildlife and ecosystems.

3. Improvement, installation and planning of new infrastructure and assets

A significant part of this project is the establishment of a large fenced area, and operational base. The Land

Management team will be a significant contributor to the delivery of these projects.

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • In line with the approved budget and the operational plan, develop plans for new infrastructure as

required, including:

  • Obtaining quotes
  • Overseeing the supervision of contractors/suppliers

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  • Organising the purchase and ordering of small assets in accordance with AWC’s purchasing

policies and budget constraints; and

  • Where appropriate, construction and establish new infrastructure.

4. Administration, finance and reporting

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • Ensure all required records are maintained, updated, retained as necessary.
  • Ensure that all expenditure is in accordance with AWC policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all required records and paperwork are maintained, updated and retained; and as necessary,

submitted to AWC

5. Supervision of staff, volunteers and contractors

Key activities and responsibilities:

As required:

  • Assist with the induction and supervision of volunteers.
  • Ensure that you undertake a safety induction and that you provide the same to any staff, volunteers or

contractors for which you have management/supervisory responsibility.

  • Provide appropriate safety induction (i.e. Conditions of Entry) to NP visitors.
  • Ensure all relevant policies are complied with in relation to visitors, volunteers and contractors

including (but not limited to) occupational health and safety.

  • Notify the Operations Manager immediately of all incidents, accidents or near misses and ensure

necessary reports are filled out and submitted per the approved AWC policies and procedures within

the designated timeframes.

6. Volunteers, visitors and fundraising

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • Assist with the volunteer program including:
  • Following the approved volunteer recruitment and induction procedure which includes:
  • Ensure volunteers are managed appropriately while on the project site
  • Assist with the implementation of the approved visitor strategy, as amended from time-to-time.
  • Develop, maintain and improve visitor facilities.
  • As required, assist in the implementation of fundraising programs including for example by assisting in

the logistics and conduct of supporter visits.

  • Ensure photos and information is gathered for inclusion to weekly reports

7. Safety and Risk Management

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • Support the Operation Manager by ensuring appropriate management of risks in relation to the health

and safety of staff, contractors and volunteers.

  • Implement and comply with the provisions of the approved management plan. In particular:

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  • Ensure the storage and use of hazardous materials and equipment is consistent with accepted

safety standards.

  • Ensure incident reports (including near miss reporting) are completed in a timely manner per

AWC policies and procedures.

  • Maintain a working knowledge of AWC’s safety policies and procedures and regularly review

any updates via the AWC intranet.

8. Undertake other tasks, as required

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • As required by the Operations Manager, Regional Operations Manager and/or the National Operations

Manager, undertake other specified tasks at other AWC sanctuaries, or managed areas.

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